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Stephen is one of our newer players and has only been with us for several years.  He started with one sport and soon found he enjoyed playing sports and started making friends.  He now plays with us all year long.  Stephen is also one of our helpers/volunteers.  You can always find him helping in some way on our weekly program nights as well as our many special events.  He is the first to jump in to help and there is nothing he won’t do.  Those who know him well, know of his kindler gentler heart whereby he is the first to help other players by passing them the ball, helping them shoot or lending a hand in some way.  You can spot him at any given time at our program, simply giving someone a hug for no reason at all!



Natalie has been with us for many years.  She started as a rookie playing with our younger athletes and over the past couple of years, she moved up to the “veteran” players.  There is no sport she won’t try and gives it her all, giving the bigger, taller players a run for their money.  She is very friendly and outgoing and loves to chat awhile.  She is always willing to help with events and activities in any way she can. You can always spot her at the club with a smile on her face.