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Joe is one of the newer players.  He has grown immensely in the short time he has been with us.  When he first started he was not into organized sports.  He now has gained the skills so that he loves participating in any and all of our activities. Joe has also stepped into the role of helper.  He can always been seen helping at any and all CAPS events with setting things up, taking things down,  putting things away and cleaning things up.  You never have to ask him to help as he always just jumps right in.  Joe has gained a lot from CAPS in the short time he has been with us as not only has he gained the love of playing sports but he has developed many friendships with the other athletes.



AnnaMaria is one of our long-time players.  She started with CAPS almost from the beginning.  She loves playing sports and is a dedicated, enthusiastic athlete and gives 100% to any activity she participates in.  She has also grown into a mentor and helper.  She can be seen helping with the rookies and with some of our veterans who need extra help and guidance.  She also helps assist the coaches in the gym with taking attendance, setting up the sport activity and organizing equipment.  She can always be spotted with a smile on her face and a leash in her hand for her “buddy” dog, Dodger!