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Tristan has been with us for many years and is a longtime member of CAPS. He has grown from being not only a player to now being a coach to our rookie players as well as a “buddy” to some of our veteran players needing extra assistance. He is also a big help in our program, all around. He always offers to help set things up, take things down, put things away and clean things up. Not only is he a hard worker and tough player but he is a mentor and leader to others in our program.



Kelly has been with us for many years and is also a longtime member of CAPS. She is actually the inspiration for the development of the CAPS program because, while she was aging out of other programs, Kelly enjoyed playing baseball and wanted to continue playing. She has been participating in sports programs for most of her life. She can “hold her own” in any game and is a focused, competitive “DIVA”. Never tell Kelly that “girls can’t play sports”.